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We are passionate about capturing sensual images of beautiful women in the context of an earlier era when the mystique of secret lace plied the imagination and quickened the pulse when it crept below the hem of a skirt, or when the delicate lace of a pretty bra would appear as a silhouette through a sheer blouse.

We are inspired by pin-ups, boudoir, fantasies and especially our captivating and alluring models. For all of you that appreciate the soft caress of lace, silk, and satin lingerie on a woman’s smooth curves, you are absolutely in the right place. Join us in marveling at the mysterious and fascinating appeal of these exquisite treats.

Inside, you will enjoy photographs of extraordinary and remarkable women in visually teasing and very provocative situations as they dress and undress, or provide glimpses of their secret lace treasures in front of our camera. These fascinating Gals share intimate moments wearing half slips and full slips, or possibly just panties or a bra. Perhaps they will share the perkiness of their petticoats… or their garter and stockings.  Sometimes they will just be naked.

These exciting and riveting high res photographs are intended to create an innocently sensual experience. Reflect with us for a moment on excerpted comments by a modern day author, Dominic Matthew Jackson. He says: “You think you’ve seen her naked because she took her clothes off? Tell me about her dreams. Tell me what breaks her heart. What is she passionate about, and what makes her cry?…” Look deeper than just the photograph and realize that these are very real women who are sharing intimate moments and aspects of themselves.

These are truly “girls next door”, revealing their beauty, grace and charm through wondrous imagery. As you enjoy the Galleries of these beautiful women, please include in your experience the realization that they each have dreams and aspirations they seek to attain. They are so much more than a gal who is naked or wearing a slip.

Please enjoy our unique and sensual Photo Art. Peruse the Galleries and make comments, suggestions and requests as you are inspired.

Joe & Collette

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