Feb 22   g-015   Haley is our Valentine   February is for lovers and we find Haley is a prime candidate for our affection.  She captures our attention with her white lace bra & lace trimmed half slip.  We just love watching her change into her sheer bra.  Take a look for yourself, see if you agree…

Feb 19   g-014   Colleen Sweetheart in a Slip   This Gallery catches our attention.  Colleen simply looks divine in and out of her pleated white skirt and yellow crop top, white bra & panties, and her red half slip.

Feb 15   g-013   Collette Petticoat & Bras   Wow!  Collette is the perfect picture sensuality as she sorts through lots and lots of colorful bras while wearing her petticoat and bra.  We like the view when she takes off her bra…

Feb 12   g-012   Ruth Totally Sexy & Perky  do you like seeing a stunningly sexy girl slowly remove her clothing piece by piece, or perhaps you watching that same stunning sexy girl get dressed, one item of clothing at a time.  Let’s watch Ruth and see what she does…

Feb 8  g-011   Heather Petticoat Layers  Whoa… take a look at Heather in this very colorful Gallery where shere tries on multiple layers of frilly different color petticoats.  It leaves us wanting more.  So stick around.  There’s more to follow.

Feb 5,    g-010   Madison is Out of the Blue   We think Madison looks stunning as she slowly undresses and reveals her lacy secrets.

Jan 27  g-009   Carolyn Petticoat Play Time  Oh my!  We don’t remember plat time being this much fun.  Enjoy Carolyn as she provides sexy glimpses in a variety of … well, you’ll just have to see for yourself.  We think you’ll be very pleased!

Jan 25  g-008 Amber Lynn Sexy in Pink  Who doesn’t like seeing a sexy girl in a pink full slip?  No one we know.  Amber Lynn is eye catching as she puts on a bra and then her pink full slip… the views are fantastic!

Jan 22  g-007   Irina Sensual Visions  Here’s a revealing look at an European beauty.  Irina is remarkably stunning as she share time with in a variety of sexy attire… petticoat & bra, half slip & bra, full slip… and lots of very revealing visions of a beautiful girl.

Jan 18  g-006  Kaylee Khaki Skirt Sensation  A Khaki Skirt is absolutely sexy… especially when we get to see what’s underneath.  This is a Gallery to be viewed again, and again, and …

Jan 15  g-005  Collette Khaki Skirt  Whoa… this Gallery is hot!  Collette undress down to her bra and slip.

Jan 11  g-004  Bonita Au Natural  Bonita delights us as she goes all natural… playfully using her half slip.

Jan 8   g-003   Victoria Red White & Blue   What can be better that seeing a girl’s white bra and slip?  Well, the answer is very simple:  seeing a pretty girl’s white bra and slip.  Ahhh, Love my job!

Jan 4   g-002   Bonita Lace Tease   Bonita is a Tease as she flirts with us using her sexy charm and lacy bra and white lace trimmed half slip.  Enjoy!!!

Jan 1   g-001   Collette Garter, Stockings & Less  What better way to start of the New Year and the new Satin & Curves website than to feature our own Webmistress and Principal Photographer in this stunning pictorial tribute to Collette!  We think you’ll enjoy our new “Internet Digs”.