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Dec 25   g-195   Alexia Tease in Bed   One favorite pastime during Christmas is the looking at presents wrapped eye appealing gift wrap, and of course… unwrapping the gift.  Hmmm, let’s see now.  Alexia is definiting wrapped in a beautiful dress and I bet if we look very carefully, we’ll find some secrets that she will share with is.  Now, you want to be cautious because you just might see more than normally shown in these Galleries, but we think you’ll like what you see.  Scroll down to the bottom of the Gallery and let Alexia know what you think.  Isn’t Christmas a great time of year?

Dec 19   g-194   Betty Sexy in the Pool   This Gallery sparks the imagination and makes us wish we were with Betty and she enters the pool.  She is SEXY!  Her Chemise become sheer once it is wet… and when she takes the chemise off… WOW!

Dec 12   g-193   Betty Playful at the Pool   Now what can be more fun than a bright sunny day at the pool?  How does a pretty Gal taking off her Lace Dress and wearing a Lavender Chemise sound?  I for got to mention.  When She enters the water, her Chemise becomes very sheer.  Take a look…

Dec 5   g-192   Betty Petticoat, Panties & Bra  This Gallery is a continuation of the Photo Op where Collette spent time with Betty on the Farm.  Watch as Betty removes her Petticoat, Bra, and… oops, TMI.  You’ll just have to see for yourself.  We think you’ll enjoy the views.  Ah, Love my job!

Dec 1   Betty Slipmate December 2018   We are pleased beyond expression that Betty closes out 2018 with a spectacular  Photo Gallery that showcases her green skirt and white blouse as she slowly undresses and enticing revelations of her pink half slip, yellow bra and panties are provided for our viewing pleasure.  What a terrific way to end the year.  We hope you enjoy her provocative and enticing  Slipmate Gallery.  

Nov 28   g-191 Betty Petticoat on the Farm   What happens when a beautiful Web Mistress photographs a stunning Gal with a petticoat under her flowing dress.  The answer is simple… Pure Magic.  Collette spent time on the Farm with Betty and oh my!   A delightful Photo Op took place.  Wait until you see Betty as she treats us to ample views of the secrets underneath her dress.  Take a look for yourself…  

Nov 21   g-190   Heather More White Petticoat   Hey! Guess What?  Heather is back and is sharing more revelations of herself in her White Petticoat and more… or is it less.  We absolutely adore this sexy and beautiful Gal.

Nov 14   g-189   Heather White Petticoat   Do you enjoy seeing pretty Gals wearing Petticoats as much as we do?  If you do, then Heather is sure to tease and charm your imagination.  We love seeing her in a white layered petticoat, her white lace bra, and her yellow top.  Did we mention that her top is opened…?  Well, take a look for yourself.

Nov 7    g-188  Alexia Outtakes   Oh wow!  Here are outtakes from several Photo Ops where Alexia clearly leads us to conclude that she is one sexy Gal.  We love seeing her in various states of dress and undress.  She’s on fine looking Southern Girl Next Door.

Nov 1   Kaitlin Slipmate November 2018   Kaitlin Treats us to a visually provocative Gallery.  These photos were part of a Custom Photo and Video Set she made for one of our Members.  We love the visions of her lifting the hem of her skirt and sharing glimpses of her Lace Trimmed Half Slip, and the teasing views as she slowly undress for the camera.  Awesome!

Oct 31   g-187   Danielle Trick or Treat   This is the definitive Trick or Treat.  Danielle provide a special treat as she reveals her hidden secrets and treasures.  Ahhhhh, what a great time to enjoy her sexy beauty and Southern charm.  Hopefully there will be a follow up Gallery.

Oct 24   g-186   Heather & Cameron   Oh Wow!  This Gallery is almost too hot to view.  Let’s watch as these two very sexy Gals undress each other.  By the way they look fantastic in their full slips.  Curious about how they got that way?  Well look inside…

Oct 17   g-185   Kaylee More Bra Fun   Last week’s Gallery was so much fun, that we thought you would enjoy a few peeks and glimpses as Kaylee has more fun with her bras.

Oct 10   g-184   Kaylee Bra Fun   Have you ever wanted to watch a cute Gal as she changes from one bra to another?  Well here’s the perfect opportunity.  Kaylee delights us with lots of teasing views of… oops almost tmi.  But, see for yourself!

Oct 3   g-183   Alexia in the Garden   What can be more fun than to see a pretty girl sharing ample glimpses of her lacy half slip and bra in a Sculpture Garden.  We think you’ll be pleased with the additional peeks inside her bra.  What a terrific pictorial Gallery of one of our favorite Gals

Oct 1   Julia October Slipmate   Fall is known for its beautiful colors and our October Slipmate is certainly following that tradition.  Let’s enjoy Julia as the layers of herskirt and top fall like leaves from the Autumn trees.  We think you’ll the variety of colors reveled as she slowly undresses..  Ahhh, what a great job we have. 

Sep 26   g-182   Kerstin Green Knit Dress   This is a fun Gallery as we see Kerstin tease with of lots of provocative views of her lace trimmed half slip and bra.  The views become more interesting as you will see…

Sep 19   g-181   Alexia Playful in her Swing   Whoa, as Greg… one of our members said, “Alexia is too hot!!!  Do you have any more?”  Well, Greg, yes Sir.  We do!!! and here they are.  But we need to give everyone a word of caution.  Alexia IS DEFINITELY HOT and very revealing in this provocative Gallery.  She looks sexy as she sits in the swing and provides glimpses up her dress and … oops that’s too much info.  Click on the Gallery and see for yourself.

Sep 12   g-180   Jessica in the Office   We were delighted that Jessica stopped by to help organize some of our bras and slips.  She gave us a special treat by doing her organizing while wearing a pink full slip, and by providing some teasing peeks as she worked.  We sure hope she comes back soon.

Sep 5   g-179   Danielle Lingerie Shopping   Have you ever wanted to be a fly on wall in the changing room in a lingerie store?  Well, Danielle invited us in as she tried on several bras.  Of course, she had to take off her dress and allow us to see her scalloped lace half slip and even shared some glimpses of… oops almost TMI.  Enjoy!!!

Sep 1   Danielle September Slipmate    We don’t often select Gals to be Slipmate more than once a year, but with Danielle, we are definitely making an exception.  Danielle went shopping and invited us to go along with her.  Well guess what?  She not only looks stunning, but there were frequent glimpses of her scalloped lace half slip and occasionally, her sexy white lave trimmed bra.   We want to go shopping again… real soon!

Aug 29   g-178   Kelly Getting Ready   What is more intriguing than a pretty girl getting dressed?  Well, just possibly, a pretty girl getting undressed.  Here’s a look back at the always pretty Kelly as she undresses and gets ready for one of her photo shoots.  We think she looks … You fill in the rest of the sentence.  Enjoy.

Aug 22   g-177   Cameron Petticoat in the Park   Hey Eric… this one is for you Sir.  Well, actually for everyone.  Cameron is subtle, she is sexy and she absolutely catches our attention in this eye riveting Gallery.  We enjoy seeing her white, soft petticoat and she cavorts around the Park.  She delights us with her perky… oops, you’ll just have to see for yourself.  Enjoy 

Aug 15   g-176   Collette Blast from the Past   OK Guys, Joe told me that Ed mentioned that there hasn’t been very many Galleries of me lately.  Well, I went back through our Archives and found the photos from my very first Photo Shoot for the original Slips & Curves Site.  Looking back was a lot of fun for me.  I hope you enjoy these “nostalgic photos”.  Oh, and Ed… Thank you for asking about me.  I’m blushing.

Aug 8   g-175   Riann in Pastel by John   Here’s a visual treat.  One of our favorite photographers captures some very provocative photos of Riann as she shares intimate visions of her lace trimmed full slip and other delights.

Aug 1   g-174  Danielle Full Slip around the House   This Gallery will captivate your imagination and leave you longing for more.  Danielle is totally enchanting as the smooth nylon of her pastel blue full slip caresses her soft curves while she takes care of details around the house and prepares dinner.  Wow!!! Think you want to see more of Danielle?  Close your eyes and imagine being there with her.  What am I saying, don’t close your eyes, you don’t want to miss a thing.  Enjoy…

 Aug 1   Reese August Slipmate   It’s been a while since we’ve seen the enchanting Reese.  Her Slipmate pictorial showcases many never before published Photos of this sexy and charming beauty.  Some photos depict an office setting, while others are more revealing.  Click & Enjoy

Jul 25   g-173   Danielle Denim & Petti   Here’s another Gallery of the lovely Danielle.  This 100 photo Gallery was derived by taking Frame Extractions from a Video Danielle shot for Satin & Curves. The photos are not as crisp and we see when the “Big Camera’ is used, but every photo of Danielle is a visual treasure.

Jul 18   g-172   Chelsey White Petticoat   Do you enjoy seeing a pretty Gal wearing a frilly Petticoat?  If you do, this Gallery is for you.  Chelsey starts of in her half slip as she completes the “paperwork”, and then proceeds to tease us as she puts on her petticoat.  What a treat!!!

Jul 11  g-171   Kerstin Blue Half Slip & Bra   Wow!  What a fantastic visual treat.  Kerstin delights us in this 100 photo pictorial as she shares images of her wearing a white lacy bra, blue lace trimmed half slip and yellow panties.  Ahhhh, love my job.  

Jul 4   g-170   Alexia More Intriguing Panties   We just find ourselves wanting more and more.  Right Greg? So, Alexia is showcased again as she removes her half slip and changes into lots of different Panties.  She looks HOT!

Jul 1   Danielle July Slipmate   Our July Slipmate is a TREASURE… Danielle is a heart stopping, eye popping, demure and very sexy Gal.  We are thrilled she is one of our newest additions to our fantastic Group.  This Slipmate Feature Gallery is unique in that multiple photographers captured Danielle in a variety of settings.  You’ll notice that the photos vary in their pixel dimensions.  That’s because different photographers used different cameras.  But, Danielle captured by any camera is indeed a TREASURE… Oh, we said that in the beginning.  Well, click away and enjoy.

Jun 27   g-169   Alexia Lots of Bras & Panties   Back by multiple requests by Greg (and several others), Alexia charms us as she teasingly removes her panties and proceeds to try on different panties.  We like it!  

Jun 20   g-168   Heather Red, White & Blue   Whoa!  What a terrific Gallery of the ever sexy and eye catching Heather.  She is enchanting and unbelievably stunning in this pictorial essay.  Enjoy!   Erick, hows this?

Jun 13   g-167   Campbell White Lace & Beige   Who said that a dog is man’s best friend.  Looks like this one is Campbell’s.  Campbell sports a tank top and very short skirt.  We think her lacy slip and beige bra are teasingly sexy.  I wonder what she shows us first?  Click and see…

Jun 6   g-166   Alexia Algebra Time   Oh wow!  Here’s a blast from the past.  In going through archives we came across a series of photos when Alexia was taking College Algebra.   We think her choice of study clothing was spectacular.  She had to loosen her bra so… oh, never mind the reason.  We just appreciate that she did.  You’ll notice that there are all manner of unusual photo angles.  Ahhhh, love my job.

Jun 1   Heather Slipmate for June   The ever sexy, ever delightful Heather enchants us in her stunning June Slipmate Pictorial.  We think she’s pretty awesome and she certainly gets out attention in and out of her bras, panties and slip.  We enjoy her being in front of our camera and hope you do too.

May 30   g-165   Alexia Stopped by for a visit   Oh Wow!  We had a surprise visit from Alexia and we were able to convince her to share some camera time.  We think she is totally awesome and are always glad to see her.  What do you think?  Is this Gallery eye popping appealing or what !!!  Hey Alexia… Stop by again.

May 23   g-164   Chelsey Pink & Petti   Welcome Chelsey to Satin & Curves.  This Southern beauty magical in front of the camera.  We think you’ll enjoy her first Gallery and let’s hope we can entice this shy Gal to return… often !!!

May 16   g-163   Peyton Revealed   This Gallery is not for the faint hearted or those with high blood pressure. Caution: VIEW AT YOUR OWN RISK…   Enjoy detailed views up Peyton’s dress and slip.  Peyton is definitely revealed in this HOT, HOT HOT Gallery.  See for yourself

May 9   g-162   Peyton is Provocative   The stunningly sexy Peyton is featured in a provocative Gallery as she undresses and shares ample views of “what lies beneath”.  We think you’ll agree that Peyton is absolutely provocative…

May 2   Kerstin Takes Off Her Kilt   … and she takes off more too.  We think this stunningly shapely and sexy Gal is the girl next door personified.  Kerstin is one of the prettiest Gals to grace our Galleries.  Her eye riveting curves are smooth and burn indelibly into our psyche.  She is breathtakingly beautiful.

May 1   Kerstin Slipmate May 2018   What do you get when a very pretty gal wears a paper petticoat?  Well, you get something pretty darn interesting.  The term “paper petticoat” refers to the paper like sound the petticoat makes as the girl moves with routine walking, or sitting.  This is a Blast from the Past, and Kerstin certainly brings it beautifully into the future.  Did we mention that we love the sounds it makes as Kerstin undresses?

Apr 25   g-160   Peyton Captivating & Alluring   Does Peyton grab your attention like she did ours?  She peaked our interest as her flowing movements mesmerized all of us in the Studio.  She is charming and very sexy.

Apr 18   g-159   Alexia I don’t know what to wear   Whoa Nellie! as the “country phrase goes.  What fun!!!  Alexia looks sexy in her lace trimmed half slip as she tries on a couple of different style tops.  Ooh La La, she tries on her petticoat too.  Which combination would you choose for her to wear?  She’s having trouble making up her mind.  We guess that’s why she winds up wearing nothing at all…

Apr 11   g-158   Alexia Candy Stripe Girl   Now here’s a sight that just might make a visit to your local hospital worthwhile. Webster defines “Candy Stripers” teenage girl medical service volunteers. Fortunate for us, Alexia isn’t a teenager, but is in fact a fine looking gal who peaks our curiosity and quickens our pulse.  She can volunteer in our room… “Stat”.

Apr 4   g-157   Collette in Nylon Full Panties for Greg… and us too.    We have nad repeated requests for a Gallery featuring our models wearing Nylon Full Panties. Well, Collette heard the request and reminded me that we photographed her in a series where she wore a white Vanity Fair Scalloped Lace Full Slip and changed into. Different Full Panties. She just absolutely mesmerized us…. wait until you visit this Gallery

Apr 1   Betty & Lola Slipmates April   What do you have when two drop dead gorgeous gals decide to getaway on a business trip and have some fun at the same time?  You have an attention riveting and totally captivating situation, that’s what you have.  Let’s follow as they remove their luggage from their car and crash in their room.  Oh, did we mention that they need to change clothes and prepare for the evening?  Yep!  That’s where it gets very interesting.

Mar 28   g-156   Alexia Undresses Just for You   Guess what happens when a pretty girl talks a friend into using her iPhone and recording a video as she slowly undresses… just for you!  This 80 photo Gallery is the result of extracting frames from the iPhone video.  Now, this is one time I wish I had been present.  The video was recorded by one of Alexia’s  close friends.  You’ll notice that even though the iPhone has a pretty good camera & lens, it’s a far cry from the quality of our Studio Camera.  But, we think you’ll immensely enjoy this Gallery.

Mar 21   g-155   Alexia Stripes, Lace & Au Naturale   Alexia is sexy hot in this 135 photo Gallery.  We think you’ll enjoy seeing her be playfully alluring as she teases as every item of clothing is slowly taken off.  Ahhhh, as I’ve said before: “I love my job.”

Mar 17   g-154   Brielle Anne   February Slipmate   This Gallery is the Lower Res version of Brielle Anne’s February SoM Gallery.  Enjoy!!!

Mar 14   g-153   Alexia in Yellow Pleats   There’s something very provocative about watching a very pretty girl getting dressed.  This is especially true when the girl just happens to be Alexia… and is only wearing a smile.  Let’s watch as Alexia … ooops, TMI.  Take a look for yourself.  We think you’ll be pleased.

Mar 7   g-152   Amber Lynn Pretty in Pink   We’ve had a fantastic response to Amber Lynn making her debut in the Gallery.  We certainly enjoy her being in front of the camera.  In this Gallery, Amber Lynn starts off wearing hot pink panties and it gets better from there.  We think she makes her pink full slip look pretty good and we love her sexy, sultry Southern Charm.

Mar 1   Amber Lynn March Slipmate    Let’s welcome Amber Lynn to the Satin & Curves and let her know how much we appreciate her willingness to be part of our little Group of Gals.  She’s highly intelligent, eye catching pretty and sultry sexy… oh, and a little shy.  We are glad she’s here.  Hat’s off to Amber Lynn… …well, on second thought: “Slips Off”  …please!!! 

Feb 28   g-151   Heather Petticoat in the Park Outtakes   This was an intriguing Gallery to shoot because there were quite a few vehicles and visitors on bikes passing by.  It was challenging, but Heather was a good sport and we had a lot of fun shooting this series of photos.  Would you like to join us in a photo shoot?  Several members have done just that.   In any event, enjoy these Outtakes.  Ahhhh… tough job but someone has to do it.  

Feb 23   g-150   Collette January SoM   Ahhhhh.  What a stunning beauty.  Sexy and Smart are excellent descriptors of our January Slipmate.  Collette leaves us wanting more… So, stay tuned!

Feb 21   g-149   Heather Petticoat in the Park   We went out to a Wilderness Park and Heather mesmerized us.  She is absolutely stunning.  We had a lot of fun photographing this gorgeous and amazing Gal.  Wish you had been there as Heather played with hem of her full skirt dress and provided ample views of her frilly petticoat, and then as she lowered the top of her dress and revealed her enticing & lacy bra.  Oh my, it gets better from there as she removes…. oops, TMI.  See for yourself!

Feb 14   g-148   Lola Picnic Perks   Whoa !!! Looks like Lola is giving special perks to us as we join her for a private picnic.  Speaking of “special perks”, whoops, let’s leave that to your imagination.  We like being on picnics with perky Lola and enjoying… (can you see our smile?)

Feb 7   g-147   Colleen Panties & Less   Vive La Différence !!!  Gals are different than Guys… and we are glad!   Our Site is named Satin & Curves and we celebrate the difference.  The Satin is absolute fun.  Slips, more Slips, and even more Slips.  In fact, all styles of slips: Half Slips, Full Slips, Wide Lace Trimmed Slips, Petticoats, Crinolines, Vintage Slips… etc., etc….  Now, the Curves are most intriguing.   The Curves are found on the Gals that grace our studio with their totally alluring and attention riveting CURVES !!!  Well, long story short, this Gallery is an 80 photo followup of last week’s Gallery featuring the very sexy Colleen.  Only, this Gallery starts off with Colleen wearing just her yellow bikini panties and holding her white lace trimmed half slip.  From there, she progresses to being Au Naturel in the most sensual and provocative aspect of the phrase.  Colleen has jewelry in certain places and she wants to share more than just verbal awareness.  Check it out… See what you think.

Feb 1   Brielle Anne February Slipmate   Ooo La La!  Take a look at Briellee Anne as she provides us a spectacular ringside view to watch her undress.  Hey… Brielle Anne gradually unbuttons her Khaki Dress and shares teasing glimpses of her half slip and bra.  Oh, almost forgot:  There’s more.   … or is it less?

Jan 31   g-146   Colleen White Half Slip & Bra   What a great way to end the month!  Colleen caps off January in her stunning pictorial.  We think you’ll find that she is pretty darn eye catching as she lets us enjoy her lace trimmed half slip and blue bra.  Oh… how I love my job!  We think she looks awesome!!!

Jan 25   g-145   Noel December 2017 Slipmate of the Month   We certainly enjoy being able yo review the Slipmates from the earlier months and this fabulous Gallery of Noel fits that requirement perfectly!Enjoy…!!!

Jan 24   g-144   Karen Front Clasp Fun   Karen is back in the Gallery with all of her charm and animated antics.  She is not only the Girl-Next-Door, but she is a lot of fun.  We think she’s pretty SPECIAL and downright sexy…

Jan 17   g-143   Kaylee Half Slip-Full Fun   Whoa Pardner, pause, kick off yer boots ‘n rest yerself while ya look over this here Gallery of a mighty cute little Philly.  Kaylee is sporting her new boots and her half slip.  Did you see her boots?  We were distracted by other things…  Anyway, Kaylee is hot and very sexy.  She’s wearing a HALF slip, but we promise that she is FULL fun… if ‘n ya git our drift…

Jan 10   g-142   Collette Vision Out of Vanity Fair   Our Beautiful Webmistress delights us again…  Oh my, She looks spectacular as she continues her creative and demure approach to Boudoir Photography in this provocative Gallery.  Collette sizzles as she shares visions of her sexy charm as she slowly undresses out of her white, scalloped laced trimmed Vanity Fair full slip.  Watch as she further reveals her hidden secrets as she continues to disrobe by removing her bra and panties are removed in a most enticing manner.  Collette has our attention… and quite possibly yours too. 

Jan 3   g-141   Collette is Classic   Take a look at this subtly provocative Gallery.  Collette suggested that we do a Photo Op that took on a different persona.  She wanted to try and have a less pinup and more demure approach to the photoshoot.  To be honest, I wasn’t too keen on the idea.  That is, until I had an opportunity to see how phenomenally beautiful Collette is in all manner of attire and poses.  She is absolutely stunning in her color burst bra and full skirt.  Oh, and then there are hints of her lace trimmed slip and a few panty peeks.  I almost forgot: take a look at the  sequence where she slowly removes her bra and provides teasing glimpses inside the bra cups as she moves the bra away from her sexy secrets…

Jan 1   Collette 3rd Anniversary Slipmate   What could be a more terrific way to ring in the New Year than to have Collette as our 3rd Anniversary Slipmate?  She’s highly intelligent and eye stopping sexy.  Plus she’s our Webmistress.  By the way, take a look at her vintage lingerie…  We think you’ll be most pleased.  Happy New Year from our Satin & Curves staff to each of our visitors and members. 

Dec 27   g-140   Alexia Half Slip & Petti   Here’s a great way to end the year… Alexia is eye popping gorgeous and unbelievably sexy as she plays in the wardrobe.  We can’t wait to see what the New Year will bring.  Merry Christmas and Happy new Year from all of us at Satin & Curves. 

Dec 20   g-139   Alexia Pleated Pleasure   Alexia is a true Gal Next Door as she delights us by coming out of her Crop Top and Pleated Skirt.  Wait until you see what’s underneath.  Alexia is one sexy Gal.

Dec 13   g-138   Kelly in Pleated Skirt   Our journey continues as Kelly resumes getting dressed.  We love her Garnet & Gold Outfit.  Did we mention that her skirt is pleated and her top is open?  Wait until you see her lift the hem of her skirt to make adjustments…  Ahhhh, NICE!!!  Take a look and see for yourself.

Dec 6   g-137   Kelly Stockings & Lace   We are intrigued with what a pretty girl getting dressed has to do to look so sexy and appealing.  Well, here’s your chance to find out.  Let’s discover together as we watch Kelly start of by putting on a wide band pink garter.  Then she adds her stockings… one at a time.  This is looking pretty interesting.  Next she secures her stockings to the garter and then puts on her panties.  Getting interested?  Well, hang on, next she puts on her white lace bra. Finally she locates a wide lace trimmed half slip.  Can’t wait to see what’s next.  Stay tuned…

Dec 1   Noel December Slipmate of the Month   Noel rings in Holiday Cheer in her sexy Slipmate pictorial.  We think she is a mighty fine looking Gal and this provocative Slipmate Gallery is one to remember.   Do you agree that this is the best time of the year for an eye catching Noel?

Nov 29   g-136   Savannah More Petticoat in the Park   Hang on to your hat.  Savannah is sharing much more than glimpses of her petticoat in this 100 photo pictorial.  Our interested observer definitely made the photo Op challenging, but Savannah was up to the task.  We wondered what the fellow thought…

Nov 28   g-135   Allison Nov SoM   This sexy beauty continues to delight our members as we save her November Slipmate of the Month as a Gallery.  Now you may continue to enjoy Allisson in all her radiant charm.

Nov 22   g-134   Savannah Petticoat in the Park   Oh Wow!  Savannah is eye popping sexy in this 100 photo Gallery.  There was an interesting challenge in photographing Savannah.  You see, there was a very curious guy that kept hanging around.  You’ll notice we  blurred out his face, but Savannah was a great sport and continued the PhotoOp. 

Nov 15   g-133   Heather More White Lace Under White   This 150 Photo Gallery is a continuation of Heather’s previous Gallery.  Oh how we enjoy watching Heather undress and share teasing visions of her slip and panties, and… oops, gotta be careful.  Too much information.  Take a look and let us know what you think…

Nov 8   g-132   Heather White Lace Under White   Can you close your eyes and Imagine Heather’s White Lace Trimmed Half Slip Under her White Dress?  Well, the great news is:  You don’t have to close your eyes, and you don’t have to imagine.  You can Look for yourself.  We think Heather looks pretty sexy and we love watching her tease as she slowly reveals her lacy secrets and more…

Nov 7  g-131   Campbell Oct SoM   We add another fantastic previous Slipmate of the Month Gallery for our Members enjoyment.  Campbell is a pure joy in this 150 photo Plus Slipmate Photo update.  She is one highly intelligent and beyond belief sexy Gal.  Enjoy!!!

Nov 1   g-130   Collette Sheer Tan Lace   Our favorite Webmistress charms us in this 90 photo pictorial.  Collette is a vision of charm, beauty and is a sexy delight as she shares with us lots of peeks at her sheer, wide lace trimmed half slip.  Oh, by the way, her dress comes off and…. oops, we don’t want to spoil her surprise.  Check it out for yourself.  We think you’ll enjoy this special revealing visual treat of Collette and her secrets.

Nov 1   g-129   Alexia Sep SoM   This Gallery provides an archive of Alexia’s September Slipmate of the Month pictorial.  Alexia is one of the most requested Gals on the site and is one of two models who have been with us from the very beginning of our Original Slips & Curves Days.  We absolutely enjoy having Alexia stop by.  She’s intelligent, sexy and fantastic in front of the camera.  See if you agree…

Nov 1   Allison November Slipmate of the Month    Wow!  Allison is perfection in a sky blue lace trimmed full slip.  We love the way the light shimmers off the nylon fabric of her vintage slip.  Did we mention that the delicate lace is a visual treat and Allison makes her slip look fabulously sexy.  As an extra treat, we included a few photos taken as she relaxed between sets.  What a delight to have a cute gal relating in a bra and half slip.  Enjoy!   … we did!

Oct 31   g-128   Cameron & Kelly Trick or Treat   It’s Halloween and what is better?  Trick or Treat?  We think TREAT!  and that’s exactly what you have in this 150 photo pictorial of Cameron and Kelly as they cavort and tease in and out of their costumes.  Oh my, this is definitely as treat!

Oct 25   g-127   Shelby Passionate Petticoat Pleasure   Do you enjoy seeing attractive Gals sharing peeks under their skirts, revealing their petticoat?  Or… how about teasingly unbuttoning their white shirt and revealing their sexy bra.  Or, removing their… guess you’ll just have to see for yourself.  We find Shelby most attractive and incredibly provocative in this Gallery.  Enjoy!

Oct 18   g-126   Kaylee Vintage Lace   What is more fun than seeing a pretty girl?  How about seeing a pretty girl wearing her panties, then putting on a pink bra and then a lacy vintage full slip?  Kaylee is delightful in this 120 photo Gallery.  Click away and enjoy…

Oct 11   g-125   Collette Petticoat on the Farm   Don’t you just love seeing a fine looking Gal topless and wearing a petticoat.  We do, and Collette sure fits the term “fine looking Gal”.  Oh, she doesn’t start off topless.  Hmmm, that sure leaves much to the imagination. 

Oct 4   g-124   Julia Fun Petticoat   Julia is flirty as she shares peaks down the top of her vintage dress and her rainbow petticoat.  This is pure fun and she sheds her dress and ultimately her petticoat to reveal a pink full slip.

Oct 1   Campbell October Slipmate of the Month  We just love Campbell and she looks fantastic in this pictorial.  We’ve added a few more photos to this very special Gallery of a very special Gal.  We think you will approve… Campbell is wearing a vintage dress that she slowly removes and reveals a vintage, ample lace sky blue full slip.  Her bra and panties are… well, you’ll just have to see for yourself.

Sep 27   g-123   Collette White Lace Under Blue  WOW! This 140 Photo Gallery highlights Collette at her sexiest.  She’s our Webmistress and is exceptionally alluring as she teases us with glimpses of her White Vanity Fair Full Slip under her Blue dress. We love the peeks of Scalloped Lace and find ourselves wanting more… or is it less?   I love my job.

Sep 20   g-122   Haley Captivates Our Attention   Here’s a 100 photo Gallery that captures the beauty, sexiness and magnetism Haley exudes.  She’s the girl next door all grown up and delightfully presented.

Sep 13   g-121   Heather Sizzling Hot   This Gallery if HOT!!! View only if you are able to survive a racing heartbeat.  Heather will captivate and entice…  CAUTION !!!

Sep 10   g-120   Alexia September Slipmate of the Month   Alexia is one of our favorite Gals.  She looks sexy and very appealing in and out of her slips… and everything else she wears or takes off.  Well, here’s her Archive September Slipmate of the Month Gallery. 

Sep 6   g-119   Mercedes More of a Tease, a Little Tease   Here’s an interesting Gallery featuring the enchanting Mercedes.  She definitely is a TEASE in this provocative Gallery.

Sep 4   g-118   Irina August Slipmate of the Month   Wow!  Irina is sexy hot in this Archive Gallery of her August Slipmate of the Month feature.

Sep 3   g-117   Kaylee July Slipmate of the Month   We hope you enjoy seeing Kaylee in this Archive Gallery featuring Kaylee as our July Slipmate of the Month.

Sep 1   Alexia September Slipmate of the Month   Watch out for traffic.  Hey, there’s a lot of cars going by.  Hmmm… Alexia had to keep a sharp lookout for anyone passing by that showed an understandably maximum. interest in Alexia’s PhotoOp.  We’ve added quite a few previously unpublished photos for this enticing and attention getting Gallery.

Aug 30   g-116   Mercedes is Just a Tease   What a delightful Gallery!  Mercedes teases us with ample showing of her wide lace trimmed half slip and peeks at her white bra and colorful panties  what Fun!

Aug 23   g-115   Campbell & Savannah are Hot    This Gallery showcases Campbell and Savannah in a very provocative pictorial where you’ll see two very sexy gals as they shed their lacy half slips, bras and panties. Then, they put on garters and stockings. Did I mention that they stretch their legs out so their stockings can be smoothed and fastened to their garters.? See what you think… but, proceed at your own risk!

Aug 16   g-114   Bonita is Sexy   Whew!  We are breathless.  Bonita is SEXY with a Capital “S” in this Hot, Hot, Hot Gallery.  We certainly are grateful that she is one of our favorite models.

Aug 9   g-113   Collette Petticoats for Ed   Now, before anyone jumps to conclusions… When Ed ruequested a Gallery with BettyKay, Ed, different Ed, contacted and said… “What about me?  I’d like to see Collette in a Petticoat Gallery.”  Well, we want to please, so Collette came to rescue and rushed this Gallery through Post.  Thank you Ed for your request, and thank you Collette for sharing your petticoats and secret charms.

Aug 2   g-112   BettyKay Just for Ed   We try to help our Members.  Ed contacted us and said that his computer went “South” and that he lost all of his photos of BettyKay.  Well, we took a look at our Archives and look what we found… Just maybe, our other Members would enjoy this very special Gallery too.  Let us know!

Aug 1   Irina August Slipmate of the Month   Wait until you see the beyond words, beautifully sensual and provocative Irina in this 126 photo Slipmate of the Month Gallery.  Irina will rivet your attention as she showcases two petticoats, pink lace trimmed half slip (under her pleated skirt), vintage blue lacy full slip, mocha vintage full slip and an exotic sky blue baby doll.  Whew!  I’m out of breath just thinking about how exciting she looks in and out of her secret enticements. 

Jul 26   g-111   Kiley & Claire Just for Fun   Look at what happens when two BFF get together and one of the sexy Gals is a Hair Artist… This is pure fun!  Kiley and Claire sure do cut up a lot.  Claire seems determined to get Kiley’s Top opened more with the intent of revealing Kiley’s secret charms…  We certainly wish her success.  She sure got our attention and increased our heart rate too.

Jul 19   g-110   Simone White Vanity Full Slip   One of our most requested Full Slips is the White Vanity Fair Scalloped Lace Full Slip and Simone fills it quite nicely.  Ahhh,,, I love my job.

Jul 12   g-109   Betty Perky in Lace   This Gallery should grab your attention.  It did ours… When this Gallery was in Post, we thought about publishing two Galleries, but Betty looked sooooo good, we just couldn’t do that to our Members.  Thus, Betty charms and excites us in this 125 Photo Gallery.  She IS definitely Perky and is wearing lace in strategic places.  See for yourself…

Jul 5   g-108   Kennedy Sexy & Demure  Now here’s a gallery for those who think less is more.  Kennedy teases us beyond description as she provides very small glimpses under the hem of her skirt and her top.  Oh how we wish there were more. Perhaps one day…

Jul 1   Kaylee July Slipmate of the Month   Be prepared to be captivated by Kaylee as she peaks our imagination in this intriguing photo essay.  A cute Gal wearing a Khaki Skirt,  White Button Up the Front Blouse, Sexy Half Slip and … well, take a look…

Jun 30   g-107   Heather June Slipmate of the Month   What better way to close of the first half of 2017 with Heather as our June Slipmate of the Month.  Erick (and many others) have requested more Galleries featuring the lovely and enticing Heather.  We are most happy to oblige…

Jun 29   g-106   Lola May Slipmate of the Month   We are saving Lola’s May Slipmate of the Month pictorial for posterity.  We think she’s a pretty fine looking Lady and we do mean F I N E…

Jun 28   g-105   Collette Blue & White   Front Zippers on a dress are so much fun.  Especially when Collette mesmerizes us as she evokes moments of anticipated provocative revelations as her Front Zipper is ever so slowly moved to allow her beautiful and enticing white scalloped lace Vanity Fair full slip delight our visual senses.  Collette is pure sensuality and we like it! 

Jun 21   g-104   Maria Very Shy Initial Photo Op   When our models visit for the first time, we have them complete the appropriate paperwork and provide proof of age, (etc.).  We’ve been asked “what is the reaction of the models to being photographed in the slips.”  So, we thought we’d give our members an opportunity to see a little of the behind the scene view of the initial Photo Op process.  We asked Maria to change into her Vanity Fair Full Slip (without her bra, of course).  As you will see, she was pretty shy and as she completed the model release and associated documents, her slip bodice, much to everyone’s delight, kept “slipping down” and revealing more than would normally be seen.  Aren’t you glad we were there with camera in hand?

Jun 14   g-103   Terri Full Slip Sensation   Every once in a while we have a Gal walk in and request a Boudoir Photo Shoot for their Special Guy.  That’s the case with Terri. She was willing to do a shoot for the Site and we took her up on it.  Here’s the result… 

Jun 7   g-102 Kelly Getting Undressed for Work   Sometimes, “Different” is good, especially if a sexy, good looking Gal is involved.  Kelly came into the Studio for a Photo Op and was wearing Jeans and a Pull Over Top.  Well, as you will see, behind Kelly is a small part of our slip wardrobe and even though she coordinated her outfit for this particular Photo Op, she looked so good in her jeans that we opted to photograph her “getting undressed for work”…  Let us know what you think.

Jun 1   Heather is Slipmate of the Month for June 2017   Now you ask, “What could be better than a pretty Gal that is Topless and wearing multiple brightly colored petticoats?”  That is a simple question to answer…  Watching that Topless pretty Gal, one by one in a most tantalizing manner, take off those brightly colored petticoats until there’s nothing left to take off… and then play Siren with a petticoat in such a way that we find ourselves wanting desperately wanting to be in her presence.  Anyone got rope?  You see, this Slipmate of the Month is pretty provocative and you’ll want to look.  But, only if you can survive the quickened heart rate and increased blood pressure.

May 31   g-101   Heather Coral & Less   Are you ready to have a really Hot Gal be featured in an eye popping, provocative Gallery?  Well, if you are, then this one’s for you.  Heather sizzles in her latest 100 photo Gallery.  She starts off clothed in only Nature’s Glory and proceeds to be attired with a delightfully tingling Blue Bra and provides us with very alluring views.  It gets better. She next slips into (pardon the terminology) a nylon Coral Lace Trimmed Full Slip.  I can hardly breathe…  I can’t write any more… you’ll just have to see for yourself. 

May 24   g-100   Collette Pink Petticoat Celebration   Hey… We have a Milestone and we are Celebrating!!!  This Gallery marks the 100th Gallery posted since our new Site was inaugurated on January 1, 2016.  It is certainly appropriate to Celebrate this Milestone by featuring our very talented, breathtakingly beautiful and over the top sensual Web Mistress Collette.  We think you’ll be passionate about how she looks in and out of her Frilly Pink Petticoat.  Let’s look for more future milestones… they’re fun for everyone involved!

May 19   g-099   Lola SoM for May in Peachy & Lace   Lola is a very special Slipmate of the Month.  She is sensually delightful and this Gallery preserves her Slipmate of the Month Pictorial.  Enjoy!

May 17   g-098   Heather for Erick is Sexy with Petticoats   What’s  sexier than a cute Gal wearing a bra and multiple Petticoats?  Ah….. that’s simple!  A cute Topless Gal wearing multiple Petticoats.  Eric, you requested Heather to be in a Pictorial… So here you go!  Somehow, I suspect that there’s quite a few others who will find this Gallery to be a lot of viewing pleasure. 

May 10   g-097   Alexis Red Dress   What can be better than a gorgeous girl starting off completely naked and then piece by piece of clothing start getting dressed.  Alexia does just that for you…  She looks scrumptious in her Red Dress.  Change that: she looks phenomenally sexy and we are very grateful she shares her charm via our camera.

May 3   g-096   Reese Classic Lace   There’s something intriguing about a cute Gal wearing a Vintage 60’s Dress and a lace trimmed white half slip underneath.  Don’t you find yourself wondering how the fabric flows over her smooth and alluring body… and doesn’t that leave you wondering and wanting to see more?  Well, if that’s your situation (and ours too), then enjoy this appealing Gallery where Reese teases us.  Oh, stay tuned and see if she satisfies our curiosity…

May 1   Lola Slipmate of the Month for May 2017   here’s an interesting Gallery.  Lola was photographed in a residential setting away from the Studio and without the benefit of studio lighting.  That created some interesting technical challenges and this Gallery is the product of their fascinating effort.  We think Lola looks pretty sexy and she certainly heats things up a bit as she begins to dress  did we mention her peach colored Lace trimmed half slip?  Ah!  What a great job!!!

Apr 26   g-095   Campbell Knit Skirt & White Top   We think Campbell looks pretty hot in this 90 photo Gallery.  What is a better visual treat than watch a very attractive Gal, slowly reveal her covered secrets.  You just might want to view this Gallery more than once… 

Apr 19   g-094   Kennedy Vision by John   Kennedy models a delicate Vintage Full Slip in this sensual Gallery.  John, our favorite Texas based photographer captures this beautiful vison of Kennedy through his lens and we certainly enjoy the Vision he shares.  Let’s hope Kennedy is available in the near future for additional modeling visions…

Apr 12   g-093   Katarina Seated… for Ed   Katarina delights Ed and us in this very hot pictorial.  She is seated and proceeds to remove various bits of her clothing and she looks hot!  Ed, a long time member of Satin & Curves provided the White Full Slip for Katarina to wear in this very special Gallery.  We trust everyone will enjoy seeing Katarina as she shares her secret charms…

Apr 10   g-092   Katarina April Slipmate of the Month   This Gallery is the permanent presentation of our sexy and beautiful Russian April Slipmate of the Month.  Katarina is stunning!!!

Apr 5   g-091   Betty Lace & Less   Ooh La La… there is more of Betty wearing her white Vanity Fair half slip and Sweet Nothings bra.  Oh, and her white panties too.  I wonder if she takes off each of her enticing secrets so she is only wearing her smile?  Our imagination runs wild thinking about our delightful visual treat completely naked.  Don’t look if you’re shy or have high blood pressure…

Apr 1   Katarina, Slipmate of the Month for April 2017..  We want to give a special Shout Out to Ed for providing our sexy Katarina her vintage full slip.  Watch as she removes her dress and ultimately her fullslip and stops, leaving  just her garter and nylon stockings still on…  Ed this Gallery is dedicated to you, but I suspect we will each enjoy Katarina in this alluring Gallery.  

Mar 29   g-090   Betty More Beige & Lace   Betty continues to mesmerize us as she slowly and piece by piece, removes her sexy khaki skirt and white Oxford blouse.  What a gorgeous looking Gal as she permits us to see her wearing a white Vanity Fair half slip and a Sweet Nothings, Front Clasp Bra.  There’s quite possibly a peek or two at her panties.  How we wish we could see more of her in another eye catching Gallery.  I wonder what’s next from our sexy Gal? 

Mar 22   g-089   Betty Beige & Lace   This photo essay should please everyone.  Betty is a delightful tease as she permits ample lace on her sexy half slip to peek from under her tantalizing beige khaki skirt.  Oh, just wait until you see how she plays with the buttons on her oxford blouse and then drives us crazy with pleasure as she unclips her front closure Sweet Nothing’s bra.  There’s more personal secrets Betty shares with us too … take a look !!!

Mar 15   g-088   Karen Essentially Bare   What a fun Gallery.  Karen quickly shed her Green Blouse (St Patrick’s Day) and reveals a lacy white Bra, which she promptly removes.  Oh, what a sexy, beautiful sight.  Karen is topless and wearing her skirt.  Oops, we spoke too soon… off comes her skirt and we see her topless and in her short, laced trimmed white half slip.  You’ll just have to see for yourself what she means by Essentially Bare.

Mar 8   g-087   Alexia Sculpture Garden Secrets  This Gallery sure teases the eyes as Alexia reveals her secret charms in a nearby Sculpture Garden.  Can you see her looking out for anyone nearby? 

Mar 3   g-086   Regy March Slipmate of the Month  Here’s the Gallery that keeps on giving and giving all year long.  Don’t you agree that Regy looks terrific in and out of her lingerie?

Mar 1   g-085   Regy Playful in Vintage Blue   Regy is one of our most requested models.  We think she looks pretty sexy as she slips in and out of her vintage blue Full Slip

Mar 1   Regy  Slipmate of the Month March 2017   The demure and wonderfully sexy Regy is our March Slipmate of the Month.  She teases us with peeks of her perky feminine charm and looks delightfully sexy in her white lace trimmed half slip.  Oh there’s more, but enjoy for yourself in this 100 Photo Gallery.

Feb 28   g-084   Colleen is Mostly Naked   … and we are glad.  The female form is the apex of Creation and Colleen is magnificent proof !!!  She’s beautiful, she’s intelligent, she’s personable and she’s mostly naked in this photo essay.  Ah, life is good.

Feb 22   g-083   Colleen and her White Vanity Fair Full Slip   OooLaLa, We took our time with this Gallery in Post.  There’s just something special about a good looking Gal and a white Vanity Fair Full Slip.  Melts our … well, you get the idea.  We think you’ll spend quite a bit of time in this Gallery.

Feb 14   g-082   Haley is our Valentine   Haley steals our heart in this provocative and eye catching photo pictorial.  We think she’s an absolutely gorgeous and sexy Gal and she transitions from a lacy white bra to her sheer bra and then moves to the Engineering Library to review the texts.  Oh, to to be a prof and have her in class.  Any Geeks out there ???

Feb 8   g-081   Alexia on South Beach   Alexia charms us because she had never model in a bra and half slip in public, on a beach before.  She is very shy and was ever watchful for the hundreds of beach goers looking her way.  this made for a most interesting photoshoot…

Feb 3   g-080   Colleen February Slipmate of the Month Gallery   Here’s a repeat of the February Slipmate of the Month featuring the always sexy Colleen.  Enjoy !!! 

Feb 2   g-079   Reese In the Studio   Oh well, guess who came to the Studio.  Our very favorite Reese and she is sultry hot.  Let’s enjoy watching Reese slowly remove her clothing.  We just love her perky small…  You’ll just have to see for yourself.

Feb 1   Colleen Slipmate of the Month February 2017   Colleen is our Valentine the entire Month and we are pleased  she teases us with glimpses of her white lacy bra and her rich lace trimmed red half slip  she leaves us breathless and wanting more…

Jan 25   g-078   Collette SoM Outtakes   Collette’s SoM PhotoOp was amazing.   While sitting in Post and culling through the photographs, it became obvious that the photos were simply too good to just file away in Archives.  How do you describe Collette?  Intelligent, Focused, Charming, Appealing, Stunning and very Sexy.  See if this Gallery heats up the screen… 

Jan 20   g-077   Collette SoM Vanity Fair Scalloped Lace White Full Slip   Collette’s January Slipmate Gallery is posted again for your year round enjoyment.  We think She looks terrific in this stunningly sexy pictorial.  Enjoy our delightful Webmistress and 1st Anniversary Slipmate.

Jan 18   g-076   Colleen is Shy   Oh my!!!    Now, be a polite viewer of  her sexy beauty and charm… and close your eyes.  Colleen is very shy and is trying very hard to balance between sharing her secrets and her shyness.  Watch her expressions as she delights us while wearing her Vanity Fair Scalloped Lace  White Full Slip.  Oh… the shy part… She lowers the bodice of her slip and reveals an exquisite lace trimmed bra.  Well, she’s okay with that, but watch her delightful reaction to removing her bra.  Oh my goodness.  I think I need to get my blood pressure checked.  View this Gallery only is you are medically able to handle a quickened pulse and elevated blood pressure… Are your eyes closed?   … neither are mine !!!

Jan 11   g-075   Angels Petticoat Undress   Collette, Betty and Cherie continue to dazzle us with their charm as the undress… Oh, they start with their petticoats and bras

Jan 4   g-074   Bonita in Black   Bonita is spectacular and sexy in and out of her Lacy Black Full Slip.  This Gallery features this remarkable Gal with just her Full Slip.  She had fun and so did we during this photo op…  Did we mention she is naked? 

Jan 1   Collette Slipmate of the Month January 2017   What a great way to celebrate the New Year and Collette, our first Anniversary Slipmate.  Collette is our Web Mistress and one of our favorite models.  Enjoy this stunning beauty as she rings in our second year in our new Internet “digs’ with her stellar January  Slipmate of the Month Gallery .  Happy Gallery Viewing & Prosperous New Year !!!

Dec 28   g-073   Angels in Petticoat Flair   We had quite a few complimentary comments from our members about an earlier Gallery featuring our Angels.  So, we decided to do a follow up Gallery featuring our lovely Trio in their skirts and petticoats.  The colors and lingerie are a real tease.  The finished photos were too intriguing to only post a few out of the total photo op.  Therefore, you have the opportunity to enjoy, not only this Gallery, but there will be a follow up as well.  Collette, Betty and Cherie are pure fun.  They captivate us and we love the way they show off their bras, panties and petticoats.

Dec 21   g-072   Campbell Unwrapped for Christmas   It’s been said that lingerie is like wrapping paper on a Christmas present.  We think that’s correct.  Campbell is a sexy and very beautiful Gal and is wrapped in a way that is sure to please Santa… and possibly you too.  Enjoy this fantastic Gallery as Campbell reveals what is under her Santa Helper Outfit.  Can’t speak for Santa, but we have difficulty keeping our attention off Campbell as her outfit is just that… off!  Merry Christmas to all and to all enjoy this sexy present getting UNWRAPPED…

Dec 14   g-071  Angels by Collette  Magic happens when you have 3 Angels, with one Angel wearing an Eye Catching Bra and Half Slip with a camera, and an other Angel wearing a Beautiful Bra and Petticoat assisting , with the two photographing a third Angel as she slowly and teasingly completely undresses.  Our favorite Web Mistress did a splendid job capturing intimate moments as Betty removes her dress and reveals her Sexy Bra and Lucious Lace Trimmed Half Slip, and she then continues, one by one, removing  her Half Slip, Bra and Panties until there’s nothing left to take off.  Betty is definitely very Sexy and Beautiful. I caught these attention getting photos on my iPhone, but wait until you see the ones Collette captured.  Ah… I love my job!

Dec 7   g-070   Darlene Relaxing between PhotoOps   We have, on occasion been asked what the Gals do between PhotoOp sessions.  Its more demanding work than most realize.  We joking say that if the model is physically uncomfortable, then it’s a good pose.  The Gals would certainly agree. In any event, Darlene, like most Gals, just sat down to relax between takes.  Most of the Gals remain in their slips and petticoats, (etc.) rather than putting their street wear on  Well, Darlene just looked playful as she relaxed, so it seemed natural to pick up a camera and take a few shots.  It was a fun time.  Hope you enjoy this Gallery as much as we did shooting it.

Dec 2   g-069   Noelle SoM Holiday Cheer   Noelle will charm us throughout the new year in this Gallery featuring her December Slipmate of the Month pictorial.  We think she’s pretty special and we love watching her as she teases us with her lace trimmed and embroidered half slip, bra, panties and sheer house coat.  Oh my… she looks awesome.

Dec 1   Noelle Slipmate of the Month December 2016   What a fantastic way to welcome the Holidays.  This is a time of joyous celebration and cheer.  Noelle certainly heats things up a bit in this sexy pictorial and we find ourselves wanting more of her provocative charm.  Did we mention that there’s something very eye catching about a pretty Gal having her slip pulled up as she puts on…  Well, you take a look.  

Nov 30   g-068   Colleen Fun with Slips   Here’s a blast from the past.  The camera wasn’t quite in the league as our present equipment, but Colleen is a mighty fine looking Gal.  She was a little shy and was hesitant to remove her…  Hmm stay tuned for more… Can you see our smile?

Nov 23   g-067   Brooklyn Sexy Charm   We love having Brooklyn stop in for a visit.  She stole our hearts and captured our attention.  So, naturally we got our camera out and asked her to share her sexy charm with us.  Well, to say the least she had to remove her clothing and…. well, take a look.  Yup, we love having Brooklyn in front of our camera

Nov 16   g-066   Claudia Sheer, Boob & Nude   Some time back, in our previous Studio, Claudia came in and requested the opportunity to do a test shoot.  Well, long story short… she did, and so did we!  We think you’ll enjoy this sexy and vivacious Gal.  By the way, she starts of “necked” (as we say in the South} and ends up… You’ll just have to see for yourself.

Nov 11   g-065   Madison November Slipmate of the Month Gallery   There is a repost of our November Slipmate.  Madison is stunning and we love photographing  her as she teases the camera.  We hope you enjoy her in all her sexy charm as she undresses for us…

Nov 9   g-064   Cameron & Kelly Sexy & Magical   Hot!  Hot!  and we mean Sizzling !!!  Our two Halloween Gals decided to “play” some more and we were most pleased to be there with a camera.  We think this Gallery will please…    

Nov 2   g-063   Mikayla in Blue Dress & Mint Green Full Slip   We love when Gals stop by and ask to do a “Test Shoot”.  Well, Long story short… that’s how we meet Mikayla.  She a bubbly personality Gal who is sexy, cute and very smart.  We hope she stops by again.  Enjoy !!!

Nov 1   Madison Slipmate of the Month November 2016   Oh my, here’s the enchanting and beautiful Madison in this stunning pictorial feast.  We like seeing a pretty Gal sitting around in her half slip with scalloped lace… oh, and open sweater too.

Oct 31   g-062   Cameron & Kelly Trick or Treat   Here’s a Bonus Gallery that was inspired by Ed… He asked if we would do anything Special for Halloween.  We think Cameron and Kelly are pretty special and down right sexy too.  You might say they are more treat than trick…

Oct 26   g-061   Collette Getting Dressed Just for Ed   There’s an interesting story behind this Gallery.  You see, Ed sent us a Full Slip and asked if one of the Gals would model his gift.  Well, let me tell you that without a doubt, this is a HOT Gallery.  Collette is steamy as she starts off clothed in nothing but Nature’s Radiant Glory, and let me assure you… it is glorious.  From there, she progresses by putting her white bra on, and then her gorgeous full slip (courtesy of Ed, of course) and then… well, you’ll just have to see for yourself.  Collette is HOT !!! and we mean Sizzling HOT !!!!

Oct 19   g-060   AlyssIa Secrets in the Garden   Alyssa continues to charm us with her magically sexy secrets in the Sclupture Garden  we hope you enjoy her visually delightful antics as she shares more of captivating beauty.  

Oct 12   g-059   Alyssia in the Sculpture Garden We  love having Alyssia stop by and visit.  She certainly brightens up the landscape and quickens the pulse.  Alyssia is pretty darn sexy in this revealing Petticoat Presentation.

Oct 5   g-058   Campbell It’s Fall Outtakes   Campbell’s Fall Colors photoshoot was too good to allow this set of outtakes to get lost in our archives.  There are some pretty sexy photos that hold our attention for an extended amount of time.  Hmmm… we are willing to bet that Campbell will be a visual treat for you too.

Oct 2   g-057   Campbell SoM It’s Fall   As always, this extra Gallery provides an archive of our Slipmate of the Month Gallery.  Campbell will delight now and throughout the remainder of this year and the years to come in this sexy Gallery.

Oct 1   Campbell Slipmate of the Month October 2016   Fall is in the air and the dazzling colors of Campbell’s dress puts us in the spirit of the Fall Season.  Oh… I almost forgot to mention that under her dress are some pretty eye catching secret treasures… including her White Vanity Fair Scalloped Lace Trimmed Full Slip.  And… there’s more (actually less) too.  Campbell treats us to some pretty provocative views of her exquisite charms.  See for yourself…

g-056   Sep 28   Collette Pleasing Perky Passionate Petticoat   What is Pleasing, Perky and Passionate?  The answer is simple… Our favorite Web mistress, Collette.  She is definitely perky and very pleasingly passionate about petticoats.  I think we could enjoy her 24/7 in or out of any attire…

g-055   Sep 21   Collette is Iridescent   Wait until you see the always beautiful and alluring Collette in this stunning 75 photo Pictorial.  She is breathtakingly beautiful.  Her soft curves, warm smile and spellbinding eyes combined with the captivating iridescent color of her sheer dress make for a mesmerizing Gallery that you will want see again and again… 

g-054   Sep 14   Julia Provocative in Pink   Here’s an eye catching Gallery that’s sure to please.  Julia is definitely provocative as she teases us with glimpses of her secrets…  We could certainly look forward to more of this sexy girl next door in future Galleries.

g-053   Sep 7   Cherie in Half Slip to Au Naturel   Cherie gives us a nice follow up to her prior Gallery where she started of in her dress and undressed, to our delight, down to her Half Slip & Bra.  We think she’s pretty alluring as she continue undressing to a sexy and beautiful Natural State.  Isn’t this a great Site?

g-052   Sep 4  Angels: Collette, Betty & Cherie Intensely Sensual   This extra Gallery preserves the monthly September Slipmate Gallery and makes it available continually to our members. In this case, it’s Slipmates!  Collette, Betty and Cherie are absolutely stunning in this 101 photo pictorial.  The Gals tease us as they slowly come out of their dresses.  Oh… almost forgot, they change bras and catch out attention with their remarkable sexiness.  Then, they continue to slowly undress until, as we Southerner’s say, they are “necked”.   I definitely love my job…

Sep 1   Angels: Collette, Betty & Cherie Slipmates of the Month September 2016   Ahhhhh, what could be better than three Intensely Sensual Gals?  The answer is simple:  Three Intensely Beautiful Gals undressing and letting us enjoy their secret treasures.  Wait until you see this eye popping Slipmate Gallery. 

g-051   Aug 31   Cherie Fun in a Half Slip   Hey… What’s better than a sexy Gal playing around in in a fine looking half slip, you ask… well, how about a sexy Gal playing around in a fine looking half slip and having two drop dead gorgeous Gals making cameo appearances with her.  Oh, did I mention that Shelby and Campbell are the two drop dead gorgeous Gals.  One Gal is flirty in her petticoat and the other holds us captivated in Scalloped Lace Vanity Fair Full Slip. 

g-050   Aug 24   Shelby Pink Full Slip and Less   Shelby continues to delight our visual senses in this provocative Gallery.  Enjoy watching her as she shares time with us in and out of her lace trimmed Pink Full Slip and Less…  We think she looks sexy when she’s naked!

g-049   Aug 17   Collette Just for Fun   We just love having Collette in front of the camera.  She’s terrific behind the camera as evidenced by so many of our Galleries she shoots.  But, oh my goodness, our heart rate and blood pressure go through the ceiling when she works on the front side of my camera.  We think she looks pretty darn sexy in this colorful and teasing Gallery.  Somehow 75 photos just doesn’t seem enough.  What do you think?  Should we get her back in front of the camera?  Write in and let us know your opinion.   

g-048   Aug 10   Shelby Blue Dress & Pink Full Slip   Shelby delights us as she slowly removes her Blue Dress and reveals her lace trimmed Pink Full Slip.  What a delightful visual tease…   Oh, be sure and watch for more to follow.

g-047   Aug 3   Collette Petticoat Passion   Oooh La La, Collette is Sultry and Hot in this 85 photo Pictorial.  Let’s watch as she sorts through her Bras and teases us with provocative poses along the way.

g-046   Aug 2   Ruth August Slipmate of the Month    This extra Gallery duplicates our August Slipmate of the Month that features Ruth.  Ruth is very sexy and very eye catching.  Enjoy…

Aug 1   Ruth Slipmate of the Month August 2016   Ruth is tantalizingly sexy in this absolutely captivating pictorial.  We think she makes a petticoat look like fun… well, it is certainly fun to see as she teases us with various provocative view.  Ahhhhh… just think we get to see her all month long.  

g-045   Jul 28   Alexia More Changing is Fun Alexia continues to capture our attention in this sexy pictorial.  See looks pretty darn good when she is naked, or “necked” as we say in the South. Oh… we like the way she looks in Panties, Bra and Half Slip too.  How about you?  Let us know what you think 

g-044   Jul 26   Alexia Changing is Fun Alexia dazzles us with her sexy charms.  She starts of in a Bra and Half Slip and begins a series of Lingerie Changes.  Some times she is naked, or wearing just Panties or… well you’ll just have to see for yourself.  Enjoy this really sexy Gal. 

g-043   Jul 19   Collette Coquette in Blue Mesh   Collette is particularly alluring as she plays around in her white Vanity Fair Half Slip and Blue Mesh Cape… which she converts to a skirt.  Oh, after she removes her Red Panties and the ultimately her slip too.  I’m breathless as I type.  Collette is Hot!!! Hot!!! Hot!!!

g-042   Jul 12   Alexia Nude to Khaki  Alexia is one of our most requested models and this Gallery is an excellent example of why…  Alexia is sexy and stunning whether she is naked or fully dressed.  We think she’s amazing.  Enjoy Alexia as she share’s her sexy charm with us…

g-041   Jul 8   Katarina Sexy & Casual   Members have frequently asked what it’s like to interview and take initial photographs of our Models.  Depending on what the model wears to the shoot, we sometimes ask them which bra, panties or slip they are wearing.  We often will do a preliminary shoot in the office before going into the Studio.  That allows for selection of outfits and lingerie that work with the model’s complexion, eye & hair color, (etc.).  Katarina stopped by one afternoon and we did a short test shoot.  This gives a little idea of the behind the scenes activity before hair, makeup, lingerie and all the things that make for a high quality Photo Op are done and in place.  We hope this is interesting to you.  Speaking personally, Katarina is a joy to photograph. Plus we think she looks pretty sexy in and out of her Slips.  Katarina is definitely sexy and casual…

g-040   Jul 6   Cherie Nylon Full Briefs   We’ve had more requests than I can remember for Satin & Curves to feature Cherie wearing Full Nylon Briefs.  Well, here’s a start.  We hope those requests are satisfied with this Gallery featuring the lovely and always sexy Cherie in and out of her Full Nylon Panties… or is it Full Nylon Briefs?

g-039   Jul 2   Kennedy July SoM Fashionable & Perky  Kennedy delight us in this peek into the world of Fashion Photography.  Her July Slipmate Gallery is posted as a Gallery so that all members may enjoy it after new Slipmate of the Month photos are posted.  Enjoy !!!!!

Jul 1   Kennedy Slipmate of the Month July 2016   Several members have asked about the difference between our Glamour/Boudoir photography and Fashion Photography.  They’ve also asked if there was a way to combine the two.  I spoke with John and he asked Kennedy to do a typical Fashion Shoot with a slip theme.  We hope you enjoy this sexy and intriguing red head as much as we do as she shows us her typical Fashion Photo Op moves…

g-038   Jun 29   Joe’s Angels in Half Slips & Less   Here’s a HOT, HOT, HOT Gallery.  Collette, Betty and Cherie heat things up at the Studio as the show off their sexy Half Slips, Bras and their…   Hmmmmm, Take a look for yourself!  Here’s three sexy reasons to be a Member.

g-037   Jun 22   Campbell In Living Color to Nude   A short while back, Leigh requested more photos of Campbell wearing the sexy dress she wears in this Gallery.  Well, we did even better.  Campbell is very provocative as she goes from fully dressed to fully nude and shares her…  You’ll just have to see for yourself .  Enjoy this 100 photo pictorial essay  

g-036   Jun 15   Alexia Just for Fun   Alexia was in a playful mood during a recent visit and we didn’t have time to set up Studio lighting and Camera Equipment.  So, we shot this fun and sexy Gallery with an iPhone 6s Plus.  The images aren’t quite as sharp as when we shoot with the Canon Mark III, but they sure play on the imagination.  We think Alexia looks hot, hot, hot !!!

g-035  Jun 8   Sylvia, Sexy Through John’s Lens    Guest Photo Artist, John features Sylvia in this 55 photo Gallery.  Sylvia is sexy, sultry and simply stunning as she delights our imagination in front of John’s camera.  She certainly leaves us wanting more.

g-034   Jun 3   Campbell Sunburst Tease for Leigh  Leigh requested a Gallery featuring Campbell.  Well, here’s a second Gallery featuring the beautiful and sexy Campbell.  Just possibly, there may be more to follow.  Whatcha think?  Want more?

g-033   Jun 2   Cybill som Sexy Flirty This eye catching Gallery showcases Cybill as our June Slipmate of the Month.  Enjoy her beauty and charm all year long, and beyond.  She had a blast doing this shoot.  We hope you enjoy Cybill as much as we do.

g-032   Jun 1   Campbell Naked to Golden Lace Just for Leigh   OK Leigh, like the commercial says… “This one’s for you !”  Actually, the rest of us will like Campbell in this very provocative and tantalizing Gallery.  Campbell starts off naked (oops, I didn’t really say that did I?) and proceeds to captivate our attention on her exquisite form as she starts to get dressed.  Oh my goodness, the pulse quickened as she puts on very appealing panties, bra and a beautiful Golden color FullSlip.  As they say: “Seeing is believing”, so look away !!!

Jun 1   Cybill Slipmate of the Month June 2016   Well, April Showers and May Flowers are behind us, so we guess June is Busting out all over with Cybill in this Sizzling 101 photo Slipmate of the Month pictorial.  We think she’s hot!  She told us that she wants to be able to remember how she looked at her current age when she’s older.  Let me assure everyone, we will have a very long memory!!!

g-031   May 25   Kennedy a Photo Perspective by John  vol-2    Here’s the second of two Galleries featuring Kennedy as shown through the lens of John, a gifted and talented photographer.  Let’s hope we can see more of both…

g-030  May 20    Spotlight 101 to 200  We continue with the Spotlight Gallery as an ongoing Satin & Curves feature.  Please check back often.  You don’t want to miss any of the Spotlight photos featuring our beautiful and sexy Gals. 

g-029   May 18   Kennedy a Photo Perspective by John  vol-1    Sometimes it’s good to step back a see what other photo artists are inspired to create.  Here’s the first installment of the sexy and phenomenally beautiful Kennedy from the perspective of a gifted and remarkably talented Photographer friend.  John has a tremendous grasp of the science and the art of photography.  We hope you enjoy Kennedy as seen through the lens of John…

g-028   May 11   Claire in More Nylon Full Panties requested by Greg   Here’s a final look at the sexy Claire as she dances around in her White Nylon Full Panties.  I contacted her recently and reminded her about this Photo Op.  She remembered it very clearly and reminded me about how much fun we had doing the shoot.  Take a look at her expressions and movements as she dances around and slowly strips to full nude.  She said that she likes being naked and dancing in front of the camera.  Well, who are we to complain!!!  Can you hear the music…???

g-027   May 4   Claire in Nylon Full Panties requested by Greg    Well Greg, as you requested, here’s Claire wearing Nylon Full Panties just for you.  Well, actually for a bunch of others too.  Plus, this is only the first installment.  There’s more photos in Post that we think you’ll like.  By the way, before Claire undresses down to her favorite Nylon Full Panties, there’s a few layers of clothing first.  We kinda like her Vanity Fair, Scalloped Lace Full Slip too.  Ah, this is a tough job as I’ve said before.  But someone has to do it !  Wanna join the team?  We’ve actually had members travel to our studio…

g-026   May 1   Ginger Spice in a Slip   Ginger is a definite favorite spice in her full slip.  We certainly appreciate how it looks on this remarkably sexy Gal.  We especially appreciate the view from the top, or should I say… down the top.

May 1 Ginger Slipmate of the Month May 2016 One of our favorite spices is Ginger. Come to think of it, Ginger is pretty spicy and is one of our favorites too. We love seeing her in a white full slip and delight in the revealing down the bodice views.

g-025   Apr 28  Alexia Sensual Vision    What’s better than seeing a Sensual Vision of a really cute girl in her soft, blue sweater and lacy half slip?   well, let me tell you:  Seeing that really cute girl slowly unbutton and remove her soft, blue sweater and reveal her sexy pink bra… Oh, and then for her to take off her sexy pink bra and let us see that she is topless…!!! and then, have her lift the lacy hem of her slip and let us see her panties… (I’m out of breath and my heart is racing !!!  and then for her to slowly pull down her …   (Gasping) You’ll just have to see for yourself.  But let us caution you: Don’t view this hot Gallery of sexy Alexia if you have heart problems.

g-024  Apr 21 Brooke White Sheer & Less  This 90 photo Gallery is sure to please everyone.  Brooke starts off in her jeans and top.  Then she reveals her black bra and thong, then we see her transition to a lacy white bra and half slip with white panties.  Then, we see her don a sheer white dress and the excitement builds as piece by piece she teases us as she steadily undresses and works toward being “fully neckid” (Southern term meaning without clothes).  We like seeing Brooke fully neckid !!! Hope you do too…

g–023  Apr 12, 2016   Collette Nude to Blue Lace  This Gallery will hold your attention from start to finish.  Our beautiful and oh so very sexy, Webmistress, Collette, starts off nude and slowly adds her panties, bra and Lace Trimmed Blue Full Slip… btw, any member who emails us and correctly identifies the Brand of her Blue Full slip will receive a special photo of Collette that has never been published on our website. 

g-022  Apr 7   Spotlight 001 to 100  The Spotlight Gallery is a new Satin & Curves feature.  Please check back often.  You don’t want to miss any of the Spotlight photos featuring our beautiful and sexy Gals. 

g-021 Apr 5   Heather Petticoat Layers for Ed   What Fun !!!  Heather is adorable and very sexy as she adds layer after layer of Petticoats in this nostalgic Gallery.  Sure makes us appreciative that Heather brings back the good old days in such a provocative way.  We close our eyes and see how the Gals from “yesterday” dressed  We certainly miss those amazing days but we say “Thank you Heather” for bringing wonderful memories back to conscious reality…  

g-020   Apr 1   Karen April Slipmate of the Month   We continue posting the Monthly Slipmate Gallery so that members may enjoy the visual art treat all year long.  Karen captivates our attention and quickens our pulse in this sexy pictorial.  We think she’s pretty special.

Apr 1   Karen Slipmate of the Month   April 1, 2016     Karen is absolutely and stunningly sexy as our April Slipmate of the Month.  What could possibly be better than a beautiful girl wearing a Sweet Nothings Bra, Lacy Half Slip and White Panties?  Hmmmm, we know… that same beautiful girl slowly taking her off her Sweet Nothings Bra, then her Lacy Half Slip and finally her Panties.  Takes our breath away and leaves us wanting more

g-019  Mar 29  Jacquelyn A Little Striptease Fun  Now this is truly a Gallery with the Girl Next Door… and a lot of fun seeing that Girl Next Door slowly strip.  She looks hot in her “Sweet Nothings” Front Closure Bra and Half slip.  Need we say more.  Look for yourself.  We think you’ll have fun…

g-018  Mar 22  Ava Slip to Bare  Ava is stunning again as she slips out of her eye catching attire and goes Au Natural.  She is Beautiful, She is Sexy She is the Perfect Girl Next Door.  Let’s hope she stops by again.

g-017  Mar 17  Kaitlin Coy Slip & More  Kaitlin is sexy and fun in this extra Gallery.  She’s a turn on as she lets up peek up under her skirt and silky lace trimmed half slip… oh and then lifts her soft, pink sweater and … oops, giving away TMI.  Guess you’ll just have to take a look.

g-016  Mar16  Ava Slip Fun  Ava is sultry sexy in this 75 photo pictorial.  What can be better than a gorgeous Gal sharing her lacy while half slip, Camisole, black bra and… well,  you’ll just have to see for yourself.  By the way… just maybe there’s more to follow in future Galleries.  …just saying

g-015   Mar 9   Cherie Nylon Full Panties Requested by Dan   Cherie dedicates this Gallery to Dan… & Greg, & Sam, & Ed, & Dean &… wow! the list seems endless.  There’s a bunch of our Members who enjoy the sexy and lovely Cherie wearing several pairs of Nylon Full Panties.  Oh… and a couple of full slips too.  Guess we will just have to ask more of our Gals to follow suit…  What do you think.  Write in and let us know.

g-014   Mar 2   Collette Blue, White & Red   This Gallery is unique in that we didn’t use our “High Horsepower” camera.  Instead this was shot with an iPhone.  However, this was such a delightful concept that we decided to publish these photos as their own Gallery.  Collette is certainly “eye catching” as she changes from her Blue Print Dress into her Stunnnnning Red Dress and shares her white eyelet bra and Vanity Fair Scalloped Lace Trimmed Half Slip in between.  We Like the way she looks !!!

g-013  Feb 1   Cherie S&C March Slipmate of the Month   We continue with member enhancements in our new Satin & Curves Gallery as we showcase Cherie, our March Slipmate of the Month.  We might add that there have been many, many requests for Cherie to wear Nylon Full Panties.  Cherie agreed and in the near future there will be more fabulous photos featuring Cherie sharing her Nylon Full Panties just  for your viewing enjoyment.  Stay tuned…

Mar 1   Cherie S&C March Slipmate of the Month   Cherie tatalizes us in this provocative pictorial as she shares her Lacy Half Slip and ultimately charms us in just her White Nylon Full Panties…  We think she will charm you too… 

g-012   Feb 26  Slipmates of the Month from Slips & Curves   Hey, guess what?  We have a delightful surprise for our members.  All 101 Slipmates of the Month from Slips & Curves, our original website, are here for your pleasure.  We hope you like the ease of navigation and expanded features we now have at Satin and Curves, but it’s nice to carry some of the old into the new… especially when it’s the beautiful Gals that have graced our Galleries… 

g-011   Feb 24   Collette Chocolate Lace   Collette is the perfect tease as she relaxes and we see peeks of lace beneath her white sheer dress.  Oh, and then she stands and provides our much desired glimpse of more than just the lace.  She looks delightful in (and out of…) her chocolate lace trimmed full slip.  I know that this is a tough job, but someone has to do it.

g-010   Feb 17   Cherie Red, White Dress & Blue   Cherie is Back in the Gallery and looks Curvy and totally appealing as she  reveals her Red Lace Trimmed Full Slip under her White Dress.  Hmmm… we wonder what is Blue.  Check it out and let us know… We think you’ll be very pleased.

g-009   Feb 10   Madison Sexy Out of the Blue   Here’s a Gallery that is sure to delight our Members.  Madison is sexy and provocative as she comes Out of her Blue Dress and reveals her White Lace Bra and Lace Trimmed Half Slip.  I wonder if she reveals more…

g-008   Feb 3   Collette in Blue Sheer Pleasure   “S P E C T A C U L A R”, that’s the way one of our members described one of the photos in this truly Spectacular Gallery.  See which one or ones you think are spectacular.  Collette is a unique combination of intellect, beauty and is breathtakingly sexy.  We love seeing her in this “Spectacular” Gallery.

g-007   Feb 1   Betty S&C February Slipmate of the Month   Ahhh, This Gallery preserves the presentation of our Satin and Curves Fabulous February Slipmate.  We never get enough of Betty.  Don’t you agree?/

Feb 1   Betty Slipmate of the Month   Betty is superbly attractive in this playful Slipmate of the Month Gallery.  We love her flowered dress.  It flairs and flows around her soft curves and takes away our breath as she steals our heart.  Oh, did we mention that Cherie makes a cameo appearance as Betty’s assistant.  Hmmm… do you think that might be a precursor of Galleries to follow?

g-006   Jan 27   Victoria Red, White and Blue Pleats   Victoria is one of our favorite Gals.  She is stunningly sexy in the intriguing Gallery.  We love “peek-a-boo” and what a fascinating opportunity this Gallery presents.  Victoria certainly shares her “Secrets” with us.  Enjoy…  

g-005   Jan 20   Collette Half Slip, Garter & Less   Collette captivates us in thls provocative Gallery.  What could be sexier than a gorgeous Gal wearing (and taking off…) her lace trimmed Half Slip, Garter and Stockings.  We think she looks terrific and hope you do too. 

g-004   Jan 13  Bonita Beautifully Au Natural  It’s only natural to appreciate Bonita Au Natural. This sensual Gallery will hold our attention for quite some time. How about you?

g-003   Jan 6  Collette Khaki Skirt and Vanity Fair Half Slip   Collette captures our attention and quickens our pulse in this revealing Gallery where we see Collette’s Secrets… Anyone for Garters, Stockings, and more???

g-002   Jan 1 Bonita in Lace Trimmed Tease   Bonita is indeed a delightful “tease” in the fabulous pictorial Gallery where she shares her Lace Trimmed Half Slip and more… or is it less !

g-001 Jan 1  Collette Slipmate of the Month   Collette continues to dazzle us as we move her January Slipmate feature to a regular Gallery.  This is one of the new Features at our New Satin & Curves website.  There’s more too… For example, you can search our Galleries and find your favorite Model or Lingerie…  Ahhhh, Progress is Sweet.

Jan 1  Collette S&C January Slipmate of the Month   What better way to start of the New Year and the new Satin & Curves website than to feature our own Webmistress and Principal Photographer in this stunning pictorial tribute to Collette! Don’t you just love layered Petticoats on (or off) a remarkably beautiful and sexy Gal. We think you’ll enjoy our new “Internet Digs”.